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Serial Sense General Questions

Can I use my 5 free license activation codes for products sold to my end users?

Absolutely! We encourage that you do this so that you can see how well Serial Sense works for you.

Can I install Serial Sense’s licensing API on my own server?

Serial Sense’s service is a hosted solution, and the API runs on our servers. It is managed and secured by Proteus Hosting, an Atlanta company also contracted by CNN. API calls were vigorously tested and are continually monitored every day to ensure we have an infrastructure that will handle the load. The licensing server is designed to cut out the expenses and worry of not only hiring a developer to create a licensing system for you, but the additional system administration that comes with it. It is a complete solution, worry-free and cost efficient.

Can I use the License Meta Data to store my own array or class?

Yes. You will need to serialize the array or class into a string. Naturally, you will need to unserialize the data after you retrieve it from the server.

The serial (license) codes are rather short. How unique are they?

While it is true that the serial numbers generated are rather short and simple, all of our customers enjoy a segregated serial pool of over 4.7 x 10^18 possibilities. That is the equivalent of saying your company has over 4 times a million-trillion possible serial codes. This is a HUGE number, while at the same time your end users will be pleased to input such a short activation code. Keep in mind that this calculation does not include any possibilities with 3 or more characters in sequence, an orderly sequence, or any other guessable sequence. Furthermore, your licenses are 100% discrete and nearly impossible for anyone to brute-force hijack in their entire lifetime! On the insane quantum chance that someone does get ahold of one of your company’s license activation codes, most likely they will not be able to use it to activate a product.

Where can I see an example of a license code?

Every day, Serial Sense’s official website generates and displays a new example serial license code. Due to our private, simple, yet beautiful serial rendering technique, this example serial license code was never generated in the past and will never regenerate in the future. In fact, with each generation, no other Serial Sense server will ever create the same serial twice.

API Function Calls

How do I refund or cancel an end user’s license activation code?

After you refund your customer, use the inactivate Developer API call.

Developer Administration

How do I change my password?

After you log into the administrative panel, click Your Account and then scroll to the bottom. You will need your old password in order to create a new password.

Can I manually send API commands using the administrative back-end?

Even though this method is currently unsupported: yes. To encourage developers to use their own API gateway, however, the web link is not included in Serial Sense’s admin navigation. Once you are logged in, you may use this web link if calling the licensing API manually is necessary: http://www.serialsense.com/developer/input

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