Using the license code as reference, this API function forces an email address change to the supplied email string. This may be useful in the event of an end user’s “email emergency”.

Required Parameters

  • code = (string) the license activation code that will have an altered, new email address.
  • email = (string) the end user’s NEW email address.

Quick PHP Example

$params = array(
	'call'  => 'force_email_change',
	'code'  => $license_activation_code,
	'email' => $new_email
$result = LicenseAPI($params);
// if email did not exist :(
if ($result == '0')
	echo "Hmmm, I can't find that email in the database. Is it valid?";
	echo "Yes, the email $email_input is associated with a license!";

Return String

Returns “S” if the call successfully changes the email associated with the license code. In the event that the email address is invalid, this API call will fail and return “F”.


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