Deactivates a machine so that it is no longer associated with a license.

Required Parameters

  • code = (string) the license code’s alias.
  • mach = (string) generated ID of the machine that will be disassociated.

Quick PHP Example

Note that GetAlias( ) should be your function that grabs the license alias stored locally. MachineCode( ) should be a function that generates a code unique only to the machine that is running your deployed software.

$params = array(
	'call'   => 'deactivate',
	'apikey' => YOUR_API_KEY,
	'code'   => GetAlias(),
	'mach'   => MachineCode()
$result = LicenseAPI($params);

Successful Return String

deactivate returns a single-character string “S” on success:


Unsuccessful Return String

If the license alias is not correct, then the machine will not be deactivated. This results in a single-character “F” return value:


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