Serial Sense is a proven, effective anti-piracy solution. Serial Sense is network licensing distribution, enforcement, and management for a fraction of the cost in development time and server resources.

Developers use Serial Sense for a wide array of products from software applications and network games to website themes and WordPress plug-ins. Serial Sense is the most cost efficient solution for software developers and designers who want to minimize production costs, maximize server resources, and terminate use of unauthorized copies of their products.

What it all means:

  • Serial codes are short and hassle-free for your customers, yet un-acquirable to software pirates.
  • Customers enjoy simple, instant online activation, while software pirates are left yearning for your paid features.
  • Automatically generate and deliver license codes for customers as they purchase your products.
  • Our staff handles server load, maintenance, and security so you don’t have to!
  • Access, import, and export your company’s licensing data anyplace and at any time!

What Serial Sense does:

  • Automatically generates and delivers secure serial codes as your end users purchase your product!
  • Seamless Integration. Serial Sense excels in its simplicity!
  • Protect your WordPress plug-ins from piracy and multiple website installs.
  • Retain web exclusivity with your custom themes.
  • Terminate access to pirated or unauthorized copies of your products!
  • Keep your profits with our cost efficient purchase options. With Proteus Hosting’s one-time setup fee for premium accounts, your company is no longer liable for a life-time monthly financial commitment.

This blog is the knowledge base for all Serial Sense documentation, example code, and related licensing implementation tactics. It is meant to educate developers on proper implementation and how to take advantage of Serial Sense’s features.

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