Licensing Enforcement Template (PHP)

I am very happy to announce that Serial Sense’s licensing enforcement template for PHP developers is now available! It is termed “Serial Sense Boot Template”. The Boot Template is especially useful for developers who are new to Serial Sense or are creating new solutions that will use Serial Sense’s network licensing management.

Some features supported by the SS Boot Template:

  1. Core POST processing environment for handling end-user product activation, deactivation, and a couple other useful and common actions.
  2. Basic Application API functions.
  3. Various methods for generating a unique machine ID on unix-based platforms.
  4. Built-in class function to test if a license is locally active on the running machine via SS_License::locally_active(). Of course, SS_License::active() still exists to test if license is globally active on Serial Sense’s API server.
  5. AES-256 License alias encryption. Only necessary for applications that do not check the Serial Sense API server at boot time.

Not to mention, the SS Boot Template is available for public development via GitHub here:

Download it now!
SS Boot Template v1.0 (zip format)
SS Boot Template v1.0 (bz2 format

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