Our code saves development time and stops piracy before it starts!

See how you could be using Serial Sense to automatically distribute and manage software licensing online.

  • anti-piracy Seamless Integration. Serial Sense excels in its simplicity!
  • automatic Automatically generates and delivers secure serial codes as your end users purchase your product!
  • integrate Protect your WordPress plugins from piracy and multiple website installs.
  • exclusivity Retain web exclusivity with your custom themes.
  • automatic Terminate access to pirated or un-authorized copies of your products!
  • solutions Keep your profits with our cost efficient purchase options.
  • free Free license codes for all new Serial Sense users. Use these free codes for testing your anti-piracy logic. Sell these free license codes, and your product can pay for itself!

Features at a glance:

  • automatic Serial codes are short and hassle-free for your customers, yet un-acquirable to software pirates. Today's code example is GVPG-EQ82-0D-ZR
  • anti-piracy Customers enjoy simple, instant online activation, while software pirates are left yearning for your paid features.
  • easy Automatically generate and deliver license codes for customers as they purchase your products.
  • automatic Our staff handles server load, maintenance, and security so you don't have to!
  • easy Access, import, and export your company's licensing data anyplace and at any time!

What is Serial Sense?

Serial Sense is a time saving and worry free way to integrate licensing that is embedded directly into your software. This system communicates directly with our API to prevent unauthorized copies of your software from running.

Here's how you start:

  • developer API First, open a free trial developer account to gain unlimited API Access.
  • integrate Then go to the API documentation and download example integration code for your project.
  • protection Serial Sense's features can be implemented with as little as 2 "if" statements. Your company's software will be immediately protected upon deployment!
  • automatic Every time one a customer purchases your software through your shopping cart, our smart API will automatically create, email and display the activation code to your customer.

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